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4 January 2013: 22:30

Information for all shooters.

We will invite you to the next year Swedish Cup on 2 -  5 January 2014
as we celebrate the 10 year anniversary.

A warm welcome from the Organizing Committee.

3 January 2013: 08:45
To Swedish shooters.

Information om Svenska rekord 2013.

Mot bakgrund av att Swedish Cup avgrs enligt nytt program har fljande beslutats i samrd med SvSF frbundsordfrande:

    * Nr det gller luftgevr kommer svenska rekord att noteras utifrn en ny rekordtabell, beroende p att vi nu rknar med decimaler.

    * Nr det gller luftpistol kommer tidigare rekordtabell att glla. Frndringarna r hr av mindre karaktr, och vid liknande frndringar tidigare har inte ngon ny rekordtabell upprttats.

    * Nr det gller finalerna kommer inga svenska rekord att noteras tills vidare.

    * Definitiva regler fr svenska rekord kommer att beslutas av SvSF frbundsstyrelse vid mte i februari 2013.

2 January 2013: 06:00
Now is the 110 Megalinks installed!
Pre-training events starts today. We welcome all shooters and coaches to Svsj and Swedish Cup.


Happy New Year 2013
31 December 2012: 16:00

30 December 2012 08:00: Jeans is allowed to wear during competition
To clarify some questions regarding clothing rules. At Swedish Cup we allow shooters to
compete in jeans and other similar garment. We don?t follow strict the stated rules for

Welcome to Svsj :)

26 December 2012 19:00: Welcome to Swedish cup - Startlist is now available ...
Please click on menu 'startlist' or link below to see an updated startlist. Welcome to Svsj

Startlist webservice link >>

19 December 2012 14:00: NOTICE! Clarification of Rule 6.7.7
Cylinders for Air or CO2. Maximal age time is 10 Years

Notice: Rule It is the athlete?s responsibility that any air or CO2 cylinder is within manufacturer?s validity date(maximum of ten (10) years).

At Swedish Cup we apply the policy of Swedish Shooting Sport Federation regarding Rule 6.7.7.
This policy says that NO EXCEPTION is made for the maximum age time for air or CO2 cylinder.
10 YEARS is maximum age time. You will not be able to participate in the competition if your cylinder is older than 10 years. This will be checked by the equipment control and is an
mandatory rule and prerequisite for participation on Swedish Cup 2013.

18 December 2012 19:00: NOTICE! Decimal scoring on ALL rifle events
According to ISSF Rule 6.3.4 decimal scoring may be used in the qualifications competition.
The Swedish Cup committee has decided to apply this rule in the series for rifle competition qualification events. So all scores will be in decimal scoring for Senior, Junior and veterans air rifle events.

7 December 2012 21:50: New list of participants at SC 2013. NOW over 550 entrys
This is the 4:th official list of participants at SC2013. Please verify that
you are registered.

List of participants of SC2013 (121207) >>

6 December 2012 00.30: Clarification on the rules of Swedish Cup

Notice: Class SH2 is for prone position only. Elbows on the table. If you wish you can shoot in standing position instead of elbows on the table. The result will be in the same class for both positions.

Notice: Rule Safety flags must be inserted in all rifles, pistols and semiautomatic
shotguns at all times other than during authorized dry firing or live firing on a firing point.
The purpose of safety flags is to visibly demonstrate when gun actions are open and guns
are unloaded. To demonstrate that air rifles and air pistols are unloaded, the safety flag must
be long enough to extend through the full length of the barrel.

At Swedish cup it is allowed to not use the safety flag on pistol events, but we recommend pistol shooter to use a safety flag. On Rifle events it is mandatory . No requirements for a barrel string
for the safety flag. Safety flags will be sold at the equipment control.

27 November 2012 09.30: New list of participants at SC 2013. NOW 315 entrys!
This is the THIRD official list of participants at SC2013. Please verify that
you are registered.

List of participants of SC2013 (121127) >>

6 November 2012: The competition rules for SC will be ISSF 2013-2016 rules
The competition rules will be ISSF 2013 rules states, except clothing regulations.
New shooting time and common sighting shoots for qualification rounds and
the new finals as in ISSF Rule 2013-2016. Dress code and  other clothing regulations
will be as in ISSF Rule book 2009-2012.

Link to summary of ISSF rule changes 2013-2016 >>

31 October 2012: Great prizes to the winners
The best rifle shooter at Swedish Cup 2013 wins a Walther air rifle
sponsored by Edman Precision and Walther.

The best pistol shooter at Swedish Cup 2013 wins a Morini air pistol
sponsored by Interprodukter and Morini.

19 October 2012: Welcome to Swedish Cup 2013, 2-5 January 2013 in Svsj Sweden
Please read the inivitation under menu "Invitation". To register your shooters and transportation
please use forms under menu "Entry forms" or use the link below:

To entry form >>
Notice: Click on the date" "2012-12-01" to start the form

Welcome and see you in Svsj!

We proudly present our sponsors

Edman Precision


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